Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beltaine is the celebration of fertility, that of the Earth and all life.  The energies of this Sabbat are focused on creation and nurturing.  If you are looking forward to accomplishing some creative endeavor, such as writing a book, planting a garden, becoming pregnant, etc. use the energies you generate to help you accomplish these things.   But please remember, after we plant the seed we must continue to nurture and work on our project in order to keep it growing and become successful.

Here are some suggestions for things to do for Beltaine:

1.       To make your own ritual oil for Beltaine, use equal amounts of these oils and add to 3 parts of base oil.  Allow to sit on your altar to absorb the energies of this Sabbat.
Ritual Oils: Passion Flower, Rose, Tuberose, and Vanilla

       Another great way to celebrate Beltaine is to create a "May Basket"  This is another powerful fertility symbol used in this Sabbat.  The basket is symbolic as the Goddess' womb and of the sacred marriage. It was filled with plants and flowers, and would seem that life "sprung forth" from it.      
      This can be easily done with one of those hanging baskets and you add the flowers to it.  Keep the basket and care for it as a symbol of  those things you are working to create during this season of growth.

2.  You can make yourself a wreath ( caplet) of either fresh or artificial flowers to wear during your ritual and in honor of the season.

3.      If you live in an area where you can have a bonfire (even a small one), sit around the bonfire and spend some time communicating with your ancestors or others who has crossed over.  Ask those on the other side to give you help and guidance during the growing season.  The next day, after the ashes are completely cool, sprinkle the ashes around the outside of your home to protect and bless your home and flower gardens.

4.      This is also a good time to do some fairie magic.  You can leave some oatmeal and honey outside to attract them and grant you some of their good luck. 

 tThe important thing to remember is to connect with the energies of this Sabbat and use them to bring about the changes and growth you want in your life.

  May the God and Goddess bless you and your endeavors and may you continue to grow spiritually.

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