Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Beltaine everyone! 
As Solitary Practioners, we may find ourselves a little less inspired than covens and groups to do formal rituals.  This is not at all uncommon when we are feeling low, worried about what is going on in our lives, or in poor health.  I have been a practicing Wiccan for over 30 years and I have had my  share of down times.  When I get that way I usually try to do some meditation to help me get over that rough spot.  That being said, this is an excellent time to work on healing yourself.  We all suffer from stress every day and even though we may think we are dealing with it well enough, our bodies are still affected by it because the effects of stress tend to be accumulative.  The obvious signs of this are insomnia, over-eating or under-eating, feeling "unwell" (like you might be coming down with something, but it doesn't manifest into an actual illness), feeling "so old" even though you know you aren't, a generalized ache throughout your body,(but most especially in the neck and shoulders), and of course the low grade headache that just never seems to go away.  A good period of meditation to help ourselves get grounded and centered, followed by a self-healing ritual can go a long way to helping us overcome those accumulative effects. 

I personally like to take a long hot tub soak before doing this kind of healing work (I make my own special bath salts for this).  If you decide to do this, visualize yourself as being cleansed of all negative energy just before you pull the drain plug. 

This is the season of growth and regeneration and we can use those energies provided to us by nature to help ourselves.  If you do nothing else for this Sabbat, do some healing work on yourself. 

If you have any questions just send me an email, or post it in the comments section here and I will respond.

Blessed Be!

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