Monday, April 29, 2013

In keeping with Beltaine activities, how about doing this Seed Blessing Ritual on Beltaine?

Germination Ritual for Seeds

This ritual can be used for any seeds you are going to germinate indoors, but it is extremely beneficial for those plants that have been named for a specific goal. 
Listed below are the items you will need:
  • a yellow votive candle
  • a green votive candle
  • seeds you wish to germinate
  • a germination pot with fresh potting soil (Enough for all the seeds you will be germinating here. I like to use those ones that are made of peat moss because you do not need to remove the baby plants from these containers to plant them outside.)
  • craft or Popsicle sticks to label the seed bed(s)
  • water
  • plastic wrap to cover the soil when done
  • Newspaper or plastic to protect your altar from the mess (unless you are doing this on an outdoor altar)
Before you declare your sacred space assemble all the above and place them on your altar. Once you have done this go ahead and declare your sacred space then light the yellow and green votive candles. If you have chosen to dedicate some or all of the seeds to represent future goals do the following:
  • Take up one of the peat pots and fill it with fresh potting soil. Bless the soil by saying similar words to this: " I ask you Earth Mother to bless this vessel and the soil contained within so that the seeds I place in them will grow into strong and healthy plants". Do this for every pot you will be using.
  • You will have to name each seed for the goal it is to represent ( it is best to use a few seeds for this just in case some of the seeds do not germinate). Take the seeds in your strong hand and say something like this: " I name you for my goal of saving $200 by the end of June". Repeat this two more times charging the seeds with your own will power to achieve this goal. When you have done this, plant the seeds in the soil. Write the name of the plant and your goal on one of the craft sticks and place it in the pot. Water thoroughly and cover with plastic wrap.
  • Repeat the above 2 steps for every seed you are germinating.
When all seeds have been potted and labeled you may then end this ritual or do additional work you may need done.

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