Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother Goddess Mother’s Day Ritual

Mother’s Day is the day of the year when we pay special honors to our earthly mothers.  We show her how much we love her and appreciate all she has done for us.  I think this would be a good time, also, to honor and appreciate our Mother Goddess.  This should be a special time we set aside just to “have a visit” with Her.

For this ritual (actually it’s more like a meditation than a ritual) you will need the following:

For Rose Spray
1 oz rose fragrance oil
3 ozs vodka
3 ozs water
A plastic spray bottle.

(I use the small chime candles here, but whatever you have on hand in the appropriate colors will do).
1 pink candle ( for Divine love)
1 red candle (for love and compassion)
1 white candle (for purity and protection)
1 yellow candle (for happiness)
1 green candle (for healing and prosperity)
1 purple candle (to represent you and your spiritual connection to the Goddess).

Rose Incense
Rose petals

Before you begin this ritual/meditation mix and spray your altar and the space you will be in with the Rose water.  Place the roses in a vase on the altar, and scatter the rose petals all over it.  Arrange the candles in the following manner:

Place the candles in the shape of a star beginning with the pink one at the top point, then move clockwise around with the red, then white, then yellow, then green.  Place the purple candle in the center of the star.  Light the candles beginning with the top point and go clockwise.  The purple candle is lit last as you will your conscious mind to connect with the Mother Goddess.  Light the incense and begin your “visit”  Make this visit as real as you possibly can and feel your connection to Her.  Tell Her how much you love Her and appreciate all She has done for you.  If She has anything to say to you that you feel is important write it down.  Feel the love that She is offering you and give yours in return. 

When your “visit” is over you can either allow the candles to burn themselves out, or snuff them out and use them again when you want to have another “visit” with the Mother Goddess. 

The above is a basic and altar set-up.  Feel free to make it as elaborate as you want. 
Enjoy your “visit” with Her.

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